How does a Pond Shocking work?

Electricity is passed through the water, by two types of electrodes, the anode (positive) and the cathode (negative). When applying the correct current, fish will experience a muscle response reaction called taxis. This will cause a swimming motion toward the anode. Once the fish reaches the anode, swimming will stop. The fish will go into a state of narcosis (stunned). Narcosis will only last for a few seconds normally and be back to put in the water in a few minutes. At this point, the fish are netted and put into a holding tank for observation. After observation, the fish are released.

Tip: Just adding fish to your pond may not be the right decision.  A Pond Shocking aka Electrofishing Surveys can give you the information to spend less money in the future and have a more productive pond or lake.

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What is an Electrofishing Survey

A Pond Shocking is one of the most effective lake management and pond management tools available today.  Other common names are Lake Shocking, Electrofishing Survey and Lake Assessment.   With the proper equipment, we are able to take fish samples from your pond or lake. In this process, we will be able to determine, stocking densities, health & proportion of fish and also detect disease or worm infestations. Once the pond shocking is completed all fish are returned to your pond or lake. After the survey, you will receive an assessment which includes a report of findings.   Along with fish recommendations we will take a water sample and give you a rundown of the general overview of the water quality.   We will determine your Dissolved Oxygen, Hardness, pH, Alkalinity and do Sodium Chloride levels if necessary. We will also use sonar to determine depth and give habitat and spawning  suggestions. This will give you the insight you need to make informed decisions in the management of your pond or lake.  Don't forget to visit for more information about Pond Shocking.